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Ohaayou! It means "hi" in Japanese-cosmic language!

The designer of the brand is an alien - Kasia Barcik, who landed on Polish land after a few years stay in Japan. Here, with the team of weirdo Earthlings, she created an original clothing brand - unknown style.

We are niche, others than everyone else. We do not care about fame, advertising, ranges and all this craziness of the present. We love people and value direct contact with every Earthling.

Fashion, lifestyle and travel are slogans which are the leitmotifs of each of our collections.

  • Minimalism and functionality in one; simplicity of cut and perversity of form is our specialty. Only with us you will find one clothing that can be worn in 4 different ways.
  • We focus on originality by producing short series of collections. We give you the opportunity to personalize your own T-shirt.
  • For us, clothes must be comfortable, which is why we choose only high-quality Italian fabrics that give the feeling of a "second skin".


Come to us, we will cover you with cosmic dust, and our clothes will enchant you from the first touch.

trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ...... .. over.


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